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What is Pathway Sports all about?



Pathway Sports is about empowering minds and inspiring lives. We are driven by the concept of giving back. We help, advise and inspire young people aged 16-25. Through our intensive support programme, and by participating in football and other activities, they grow into people who in turn give back and make positive contributions to the community. Completing that circle of giving and taking is the very essence of our mission. It’s about developing better people and building stronger communities.



Pathway Sport's Football team at Meridian’s superb sports centre in Charlton. “We play our home games there and have two teams registered with the London FA,” said David. “We train two times a week and play league games on Saturdays. We’ve had some young women join us too. Women are equally welcome. We are helping them to become leaders or co-ordinators with the project.


“We’re also building strong links with the African Nations Cup UK and some of our players have taken part. It enables them to play alongside professional players. Two of our footballers signed professional terms in Portugal. It just shows how we can change lives through sport, but we hope to do that in other ways too and harness the different gifts that young people have been given.































Our unique Youth Empowerment and Giving Back Initiative Programme (YEGIP) is forming partnerships with welfare and youth organisations across the London area. The word is spreading and we are connecting with schools, colleges, local authorities, police, youth offender programmes and various agencies which work with teenagers and young adults.
































The word sport forms part of our name and is central to what we do. We organise a wide range of sporting events, but football is our number one activity. Pathway Sports teams are registered with the London Football Association. Our players train three times a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and play league matches on Saturdays. Our home matches are played at the Meridian Sports and Social Club in Charlton Park Lane which is owned by one of our generous sponsors. We believe that participating in sport gives young people a sense of purpose and being part of a team. It encourages competition whilst developing individual talent. At the same time it’s about being part of a team with individuals all pulling in the same direction to achieve a common ‘goal.’  Sport can help break down barriers, improve health, reduce crime and increase personal esteem and self-confidence.























Pathway Sports is not just about creating talented sportsmen and women. Our main focus is to help build better people – individuals with the right skills who become happy, healthy and a credit to the community they serve. So in addition to sporting activities, we organise a monthly programme of events, workshops and seminars to inspire young people and provide them with the essential  life skills they need to succeed. More than 120 people attended our first workshop. We also offer expert advice on everything from money to health; from finding the right job to building stronger relationships with parents, friends and society. We are forming relationships with radio and TV stations to get the word out on the streets. We listen to young people, take heed of what they say and help them become the leaders of tomorrow.





























We don’t merely listen to what you are saying – we ensure your voices are heard. We will help you to take control of your own destiny and turn away from crime and anti-social behaviour. Each individual has a unique gift and we are committed to unearthing it, inside or outside of sport. We will help shape leaders and provide learning opportunities through comprehensive advice/support programmes on a wide range of issues. Our aim is to help you to find rewarding work, enjoy better heath and contribute positively to the community. We will treat you as an equal and give you the chance to shine.


































Pathway Sports organises initiatives such as football tournaments, community sporting events, and family fun days. Our work is aimed at bridging ethnic groups and uniting London’s diverse communities. No barriers are placed on religion, creed or colour. We encourage young people to respect their parents and to try to develop better relationships with them and other family members. Participants are encouraged to shun crime and engage in voluntary work in the community which can enhance employment prospects. In short we aim to help produce high calibre individuals… individuals that any community would be proud to embrace.
































Pathway Sports is committed to tapping the hidden potential of talented footballers and athletes. We provide the finest sporting facilities, training programmes and opportunities to help produce tomorrow’s sporting icons.



The Mercury includes Pathway Sports in their Newspaper to speak about the work we do in Local communities in London on and off the football pitch
London Met Police are big supporters of the community and Pathway Sports they attend many of our football events in London
Pathway Sports football player gets signed for FC Gratkorn
Pathway Sports football player gets signed for FC Gratkorn
Pathway Sports football player gets signed for FC Gratkorn
Pathway Sports is not only committed to sports, we aim to empower young people through education amongst other things
Pathway Sports offer training sessions to everyone from any background to join and improve themselves as a person and sportsman/sportswoman
Pathway Sports pledges to support and nurture Young People away from a life of crime and anti-social behaviour via our educational workshops and football events
Pathway Sports pledges to support and nurture Young People away from a life of crime and anti-social behaviour via our educational workshops and football events
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