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Pathway Sports Jr FC U16 - U12

Pathway Sports Football Club Mens team based in London

Pathway Sports Jr FC (U11 - U7)

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Natwest Bank a supporter of Pathway Sports and our football and community projects
Natwest Bank a supporter of Pathway SportsNatwest Bank a supporter of Pathway Sports and its football and community projects
Tasty African Caterers and restaurant supporters of Pathway Sports they provide food to our events
Nollywood Movies Media supporters of Pathway Sports helping to cover our football events and trials
Nandos an official supporter of Pathway Sports catering for all our football events with their superb chcken
London Football Association a key and active supporter of Pathway Sports especially in its Football Tournaments, Matches and events
South London Press a south london newspaper and a keen supporter of Pathway Sports covering all our events on and off the football pitch
Nigerian Watch a Newspaper focused on Nigerian and African News and also a keen supporter of Pathway Sports Football Club


We try to look after our Pathway Sports people as much as possible in all aspects of life and we offer mentoring to help advise and counsel young people.



We have began the process of working with schools/colleges to offer BTEC courses and other development opportunities!



Many Pathway Sports players have continued to sign for top European clubs, we also are linked with the Nigerian National Team!

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