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Pathway Sports: London South East Sessions

Training starts at 10am tomorrow (Saturday 10th October 2015) at Charlton Park SE7 8HX very close to the car park of our usual spot. Pls dress your kids warm and ensure they wear the right boots and chin pads.

Traning Fee ; £5 every training session.

Saturday's ; Charlton Park SE7 8HX 10am -12noon.

Wednesday & Venue ;TBC

Registration ; £25 (5-10) £30 (11-16)

We want to ensure the various five age group teams are set for league games under London/ Essex county FA (Affiliated ) by next year. Plus we will play friendly games with Top professional academies, semi pro clubs across UK for a chance to get your child scouted.

Pls kindly invite friends, neighbours and colleagues with boys from as early as 5yrs Old.

You can pay in cash in person at the start of the sessions.

To register please download registration form or complete the form online at

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